We specialize in:

  • Permits, contracts, and financing for commercial development
  • Residential subdivision approval and permitting
  • Condominium development and documentation
  • Affordable housing (Chapter 40B) permitting and financing
  • Compliance and permitting under the Smart Growth Zoning and Housing Production Law (Chapter 40R)
  • Environmental permitting, Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) procedures, Endangered Species Regulation, Rivers Act permitting and related litigation
  • Litigation involving real estate, development and land use issues
  • Commercial leasing.

Real Estate Development and Land Use Articles

Our Real Estate Law and Land Use Practice Group

Theodore C. Regnante

James F. Sterio

Paul G. Crochiere

Laura A. Tilaro

David J. Gallagher

Robert P. Yeaton

Michael P. Murphy

Laura McKelligott Kahl

Jesse D. Schomer